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CCBA Ltr to Metro-2015-11-10.2.pdf

CCBA Breakfast Forum_Commissioner_revised.pdf

CCBA Breakfast Forum_CommissionerCandidateForum.pdf

CCBA Breakfast Forum_Commissione_flyer.pdf

CCBA Breakfast Forum_professional.pdf

Be College Ready for 2016-2017 School Year.pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2016 Meetings_revised1-16.pdf

Riverhealth Brochure

CCBA membership info for website-updated 11-2015.pdf

CCBA membership information packet for website_2015.pdf

2013 CCBA Trifold Brochure_updated2015.pdf

CCBA 2016 Board Meeting Schedule

Oregon College Savings Plan_CCBA_PPT

CCBA Letter to Metro 11-10-2015

OEC_Clackamas County_Event.pdf

CCBA Letter in Support of CCC Transit.pdf

City to Host Econ Dev Briefing Tour for Business Assns 09_03_2015.pdf

10_01_2015 Event Summary - CCBA-Chamber Wilsonville Briefing Tour.pdf

10_01_2015 Agenda - CCBA-Chamber Wilsonville Briefing Tour.pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2015 Meetings-revised9-2.pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2015 Meetings - revised 9-3_Board meetings.pdf

CCBA Letter to MPAC 8 25 15_Final.pdf


Congressman Schrader forum flyer 8.4.15.pdf

CCBA letter CPDG Funding.pdf
- Willamette Falls Legacy Project

Final_Please Support Transportation Funding_5-14-15.pdf

5-13-15 Clackamas County Business Alliance - Seb Degens (REVISED).pdf

T I agenda 5-7-15.pdf

final_CCBA T I 4-2-15.pdf

Membership Application - updated.pdf

2015 - CCBA Meetings-revised.pdf

Final CCBA New ED Announcement.pdf

CCBA March 11, 2015.pdf

HB 3211_2015 sesison.pdf

2015 CCBA Retreat Summary.pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2015 Meetings.pdf

Clackamas Co TH flyer 2015.pdf

RFP Final.pdf
- CCBA Executive Director

CPR 12-3-14 UGR - Final.pdf

PGE-PBA event-clackamas.pdf

Presentation - Res Pref Study and UGR Issues (3).pdf


CCBA Forum -

Value of Jobs forum flyer pdf.pdf

Executive summary for residential preference.pdf

CCBA Support Letter - Republic Services.pdf

Congressman Schrader forum flyer.2014.pdf

8-13-14 CCBA UGR.pdf

CCBA Agenda 8-13-2014.pdf

draft 2014 UGR.pd

14226 UGR Timeline Final PLA.pdf

14226 UGR Factsheet3 FINAL_PLA.pdf

Flier Biz in Cnty.pdf

CCBA Support Letter for WFSHA.pdf

Urban and Rural Reserves map3.pdf

08-13-14 Exporter Forum Invitation.pdf


Clackamas County Economic Development Plan -1987.pdf

Tourism flyer 2.pdf

4th amended FINAL business priorities - word.pdf

Amended Tourism Flyer.pdf

Tourism flyer.pdf

May 2 Imagine Clackamas Spring 2014 PPT.pdf

FINAL - CPR Metro letter - growth projections.pdf

Workshop Flyer.pdf

Willamette Falls-grant support letter.pdf

Workforce Investment Council Highlights 2009-2013.pdf

Workforce Investment.pdf

WorkSource Forum.pdf

Aurora Airport letter.pdf

Clackamas County Roads presentation to CCBA.pdf

2nd amended FINAL business priorities 2/28/14

The Future of WorkSource3.pdf


2013 Accomplishments-Action Plan Report - letter size.pdf

Oregon Values & Beliefs Survey presentation to CCBA.pdf

CRC response letter.pdf


CTW flyer 2_REVISED.pdf

ODOT Letter.pdf

Kim's CCBA Letter of Resignation.pdf

BO 2013-94.pdf

FINAL priorities with endorsements (2).pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2014 Meetings.pdf


Tom Meyer.pdf

Comm Chair John Ludlow letter.pdf

Congressman Schrader forum flyer.pdf

Clackamas Business Seminar.pdf

Stepping Stones.pdf

Action plan for Clackamas County Business Priorities.pdf

business agenda - word.pdf



Visitor Waiver and Release of Liability- Metro tour.pdf

CCBA_RIE Biz Plan_8-14-13v1.pdf

Clackamas County DTD - Tonquin quarry.pdf

Senator Merkley letter.pdf

eclipse development letter.pdf


amended final Action plan for Clackamas County Business Priorities 2013.pdf

Wyden letter RE timber lands 613 (5).pdf

industrial lands code BCC letter.pdf

blue heron letter 61713.pdf

CC Forest Inv Strategy_CCBA_06 12 13.pdf

Summary of Proposed Amendments (3).pdf

final Action plan for Clackamas County Business Priorities 2013.pdf

HB 3316 letter.pdf


Negotiation Workshop June 6 2013.pdf

CPO and Interested Parties Notice(2).pdf

letter of support - Metro CPD Grants.pdf

blue heron letter.pdf

Clackamas County Business Alliance on 3-13-13.pdf

business agenda 2013 top 3 priorities with endorsements.pdf


Managing the Generations in the Workplace-March_7_2013_3.pdf

Industrial Site Readiness Legislative Concepts Move Forward.pdf

summary of business roundtable november 29 2012.pdf

Metro Brownfield support letter.pdf

CCBA Schedule of 2013 Meetings.pdf

2013 Board of Directors.pdf

annual meeting presentation 2012.pdf

West Hayden Island letter.pdf

family justice center support letter.pdf

RegionalSolutions_Ltr_JPACT1010 2012.pdf

Stafford Area Planning Letter to BCC.pdf

Clackamas County Transportation System Update; Weigh in on the Future.pdf

City of Wilsonville Awarded $1 Million Grant.pdf

Industrial site readiness legislative concepts--9-12-12x.pdf



Building Our Future.pdf

The Crowdfund Act.pdf

UGB letter final letterhead.pdf

schrader wyden merkley letter.pdf


EDC Employment Lands Presentation [Read-Only].pdf

1-25-12 Regional Industrial Lands Inventory Findings [Read-Only].pdf

TSP Open House #1 Flyer.pdf

letter to BCC RE Stafford planning.pdf

CCBA platform.pdf


Letter of Support to WFHAC

Supporters of Measure 3-388

Coalition for a Properous Region Letter

Wilsonville Advance UGB Res2320 & Staff Report 09_07_2011.pdf

Talking Points with Maps for Advance UGB 09_2011.pdf

VP statement URD.pdf

Letter to Metro Wilsonville UGB

TriMet Letter on Light Rail